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The Jordans and Ryvita Company Australia Pty Ltd

Level 1, Building A,
11 Talavera Road
North Ryde,
NSW 2113,

1800 024 674


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  • Where can I buy Ryvita products in Australia?
    Please see our stockists on our product pages.
  • Do Ryvita products contain gluten?
    Yes, all Ryvita products contain gluten
  • Do Ryvita products contain yeast?
    No, Ryvita products do not contain yeast
  • Are Ryvita products suitable for vegetarians?
    Yes all our products are suitable for vegetarians
  • Do Ryvita products contain wheat?
    Wheat flour is the primary ingredient in RYVITA® Crackerbread and also appears in RYVITA® Muesli Crunch Crispbread. Sufferers of wheat allergy or intolerance should avoid these products. All our other products do not contain wheat. They are however made in a bakery that uses wheat.